Pollutants and Harmful Substances

The most obvious benefit is the significant reduction of chemical toxins and harmful substances. According to the study of PAN Europe (Pesticide Action-Network) in the year 2008, there are considerable pesticide residues found in most conventional produced wines. 34 of such wines from various countries in Europe and overseas have been tested. Pesticide residues are found in all of them and in one, there are even ten different types of pesticide verified. The pricing is irrelevant here. Even wines that cost 200 € or more have not escaped unscathed. On the other hand, out of six ecologically produced wines, five are found to be without residues.


Any substance, that is not brought into the vineyards, cannot be accumulated in the grapes and hence, the wine. In the long run, even a minimal amount of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other plant protection substances can be harmful for the human organs. Accumulation of such toxic substances and pollutants through food and environment is causing a rise in the number of people suffering from allergies and respiratory illnesses. How can one, who can control the amount of toxic substances consumed, not minimized his own health risk?